ICE COOREL Cooling Laptop Laptop Stand 5 Adjustable Modes

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Material:Aluminum alloy

Color  : Black

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Fetures: It

* can be folded and lifted, so that you can handle prolonged computer use, and protect your neck, so that the cervix can relax comfortably.

* The product has large fans, and it makes sure that the laptop keeps cooling while you are working or playing.

* Display 6 fans speed modes and 5 SMOD raise to adjust.

* Provides two speed modes for fans to change, depends on your actual needs.

* Suitable for 17 inches or less laptop computer with two USB ports.


Product Name:ICE COORELCooling Laptop Stand
Material:Aluminum alloy
Color  : Black
Function: foldable, liftable, cooling, USB connection
Weight: 1.1 kg
Sutitable: 17 inches below laptop computer
speed fan: 1400+ 15% per minute
Size: 36.3 cm * 26.0 cm * 3.2 cm
Package size: 58.5 * 38 * 41.5cm


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