Electric Hot Pot Smokeless Barbecue Oven Pot Machine

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Material: Aluminum alloy + Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)

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1. Unique 2 in 1 grill pan, you can achieve a perfect combination of cooking and grilling.
2. Aluminum baking pan thickness, no rust, high hardness, heat evenly.
3. The baking surface with anti-stick coating can effectively prevent fumes, take care of your health.
4.2200 watts. The use of high-quality electronic components, fast and even heating, and long service life.
5. With the metal insulation tray at the bottom, it can effectively speed up the working efficiency of the bowl, and extend the service life.
6. Double independent control switch, you can only choose plate heating, only hotpot heating or heating at the same time.
7. 5 levels of temperature adjustment, safe and reliable.
8. Put a small bowl on the oil plate to receive the output oil before use.
9. It can meet the needs of 5-8 people.
1. Name: Electric Smokeless BBQ Nonstick Pan Multifunctional Shabu Hot Pot
2. Model: C90512
3. Material: Aluminum alloy + Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS)
4. Voltage: 220V / 50Hz
5. Power: 2200 watts
6. Color: black
7. Level: off-1-Max 5
8. Plug: AU Plug (We will send adapters to you according to your country)
9. Applied to: dinner parties, single meals, camping and holidays.
10. Size: As shown in the picture
How to use:
Hot pot:
1. Put the product on a soft desktop, add water to the bowl, no more than 2/3 of the bowl, then cover the lid.
2. Plug in the power, set the bowl temperature control switch to start heating.
3. Add food after boiling the water.
Baking tray:
1. Place the product on a soft desktop, and clean the appropriate amount of edible oil on the surface of the baking tray.
2. Turn on the power, set the griddle temperature control switch to start heating.
3. After preheating is done, place the food on the baking tray, and set the temperature control knob according to your need, and set the appropriate temperature. (Turn the food over from time to time when heating, to make it can be evenly heated.)
4. Turn off the power after use, wait a few minutes after turning off, you can use the baking pan temperature for cleaning.
Clean method:
1. Put a small amount of detergent or water into the pan to clean, then dry it with a cloth.
2. Please cut off the power before cleaning and always keep the socket dry when cleaning it.

Package includes:
1 x Electric BBQ Hot Pot
1 x Bowl Cover
2 x Monitor


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