Copper Glass Round Waterfall Basin Sink Fauce

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Materials : Copper and glass

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Description: Modern Style Kitchen Bathroom Vessel Copper Glass Round Waterfall Basin Sink Faucet Tap.


  1. Solid Glass Waterfall Round Basin Faucet Single Lever Basin Mixer Tap.
  2. Waterfalls design, tilt the faucet out from the water, and the surface is made of thick plexiglass, personal taste and fashion, the handle can rotate 360 ​​degrees.
  3. Hot and cold water.2 pillow covers small accessories, 2 hose 50 cm, glass disc diameter 18 cm, waterfall water effects, giving you a different feeling of bathing with hot and cold water supply!


Materials Copper and glass
ending Polished chrome
Core valve Ceramic valve core
Building One paired
Type Basin faucet
Size 2 x 50 cm inlet tubes and fixing accessories

how to use :

  1. Using the MS key to remove the membrane, and then find the appropriate outside height to plot the hole position.
  2. Using a 4mm drill bit to drill the holes and the expansion grain stuffed with fixed film.(The double seating products can be adjusted according to the horizontal and vertical opening.)
  3. Position the base frame to make it balanced and stable with a hex wrench.
  4. Put the glass in the right place and install the glass fixing screws with the flat blade screwdriver.

Warm tip:

The double-dip seat can adjust the left and right of the product according to the perforation of the film anyway. The top and bottom positions to keep the product level.


Prepare the installation:

To prevent clogged bubbles or damage to the reel, the remaining dirty water, debris, sand and impurities in the pipes must be cleaned before installing the faucet.

Clear surface:

  1. Regular use of detergent scrub disinfection, before washing, wash the tap surface with clean water and wipe with a soft cotton cloth, and wipe gently with a neutral detergent, to keep the surface clean.
  2. Do not use any abrasive cleaners, a hard cloth, paper towels, or a wire ball, as well as any substance that contains acidic or harsh detergents, soap, and other things to clean the surface of the faucet.

Filter Cleaning:

Remove the bubble head, remove the filter, then scrub the filter with a toothbrush or small brush under the faucet.

Package Included :

1 X Solid Glass Waterfall Round Basin Faucet Basin Mixer Tap Single Lever
2 X 2 x 50 cm inlet tubes
1 X Installation accessories


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