Chocolate Melting Pot Electric Fondue Melter Machine Set DIY Pink Chocolate Fondue Machine

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Materials :  Plastic + Aluminum
the color  : Pink

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Pink Chocolate Melting Pot Electric Cast Fondue Machine Set Chocolate Fondue Fondue Machine

– Great for party, holiday and all fun activities. Can DIY all kinds of shapes of chocolate candy, and enjoy chocolate.
– Chocolate melts without water. There are two types of temperature adjustable. Reusable molds and easy cleaning. With 12 delicious recipes for your reference.


Materials Plastic + Aluminum
the color Pink
Voltage 220-240V
repeat 50/60Hz
Food approval CE / GS
Body size (L) x (W) x (H) 19 x 14 x 8cm /7.48 ” x 5.51 ” x 3.14 ” (appr.)
Bowl volume (dia.) X (h) 10.4 × 5 سم / 4.09 “× 1.97” (appr.)
Device use operations:
1. Place the device on an even surface and lower the fuse pot into the recess.
2. Connect the machine to the mains. To warm up the device (about 10 minutes), turn the switch on the front of the device to position 2 (aprox. 60 ℃ +).
3.Position 1 is used to keep warm melted chocolate (aprox. 43 ℃ +) for eg chocolate fondue.
4. The cutverture should be finely chocolate or chocolate shoren for melting time. Stir from time to time during the smelting process.
5. Set the mode 0 after using the unit. Unplug from scoket.
6. Cleaning the machine and molds:
Do not submerge the chocolate in the water. Wipe it with a damp cloth. Rinse the melting pot and molds with hot water. Melting pot and plastic molds are NOT dishwasher safe! Do not use any sharp tools to clean the appliance or the molds.
7. Keep the unit in a dry and well-ventilated place.
Package included:
1 X Main Unit, Including Melting Pot
1 X Spatula
1 x Rack
1 X Spiral
1 X Plug Adapter
1 X Flat Chocolate-making Fork
1 X Operating Instructions and Recipes
6 X Templates (Heart, Bear, Bunny, Coffee Bean, Star, Christmas Tree)
10 x Bamboo sticks
10 X Plastic Forks For Fruit


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