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Describe :

Multifunctional Intelligent Baby Bottle Warmer Barrel Milk Warmer Food Heating Sterilizer

Features :

– STRONG QUALITY – This high quality bottle warmer is safe but also high quality. Made of plastic and polyester bottle to warm breast milk and formula.
– Stunning Design- LED screen displays the temperature of the baby bottle heater. The temperature and time control can easily be set in the bottle sterilizer
– 2 in 1 Warm Bottle – Effective and effective at dissolving baby food and breast milk. The breastmilk bottle warmer shuts off automatically after eight minutes and has a cycle memory, so the bottle sets the previous warmer cycle every time. Warm milk, heating food, preparation of formula – set target temperature, defrost milk
– Easy to clean – The travel bottle warmer is durable and easy to wash. It is safe for your baby, the milk warmer is easily cleaned, and it is non-toxic and durable.
– Constant temperature – constant temperature throughout the day. The child can drink milk at an appropriate temperature at any time


Rated voltage
Warm milk
40 ℃ 104 ℉
Rated capacity
2-3 bottles
Heating food
65-80 (149 ℉ -176 ℉)
Rated frequency
The length of the power source
89cm / 35.03in

Package Included :

1 x Warm Milk Heater
Number 1 English Handbook
1 x Plug
1 x Remote Control

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