AUGIENB PH -ORP Alkaline Water Ionizer Water Purifier With Filter -10 Cups / 3.5 Liters – 3X Filter

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AUGIENB PH -ORP Alkaline Water Ionizing Pitcher -10 cup / 3.5L water purifier purifier, with long-lasting filter (105 gallon capacity) 5-stage filter purification system to purify and increase PH levels.


L Drinking water rescued natural alkaline ionizer water filter can improve health – add minerals and filtration cycle give us your water a pH level between 7.2 – 9.0 which is a plus for the body. Reducing acidity and inflammation improves immunity and prevents disease. It can increase metabolism, aid in weight loss and slow down the aging process. Small water molecules improve absorption and improve water absorption to increase hydration, mental clarity, energy levels and performance.

For REFRESH INSTANT ALKALINE WATER FILTER PITCHER– Water filter uses 5 stage cartridge of fine gauze filter, Coconut Shell activated carbon, ion exchange resin, mineral balls, 0.1 micron non-woven. Remineralization adds healthy minerals like zinc, iodine, calcium and others. Effiectivly filtering 90% of organic pollutants and sediments in tap water, inhibiting bacterial growth. Remove chlorine, odors and heavy metals providing a more natural taste.

L Advanced Filter Technology to Help You Improve Health – Water is the most important ingredient in every diet. AUGIENB’s “water jug” increases the pH and -ORP of drinking water and produces water to help restore the body’s optimum pH and maintain a healthy life. It eliminates free radicals and detoxifies with powerful antioxidants, and high negative ORP so that it effectively increases the energy level and immune system.

For ULTRA maximum filtering capacity and cost effectiveness – 800 cups (16.9 oz per cup) / 400 Liters / 105 gallons per filter. With a large capacity of 3.5L, it is convenient for home use and door outside use. It is ideal for cooking healthy food. Rice becomes softer and more delicious; Fuli flavor and taste better than tea and coffee.

FOR MODERN DESIGN AND ECONOMIC DESIGN – The water jar comes with an easy, simple and easy-to-use lid for you to fill the tank without removing the cap. The easy pour spout ensures perfect pour without mess and our ergonomic handle ensures comfort during every use.

Your body needs PH needs to maintain its proper function. This alkaline number (7.35) is slightly alkaline influenced by what we eat and drink. Nowadays, most people in the wilderness consume an acidic diet and thus it is very important to balance your diet with alkaline food and water in an effort to counteract the sffsct of the acidic body. The AUGIRNB Alkaline Water Jug produces a little alkaline water to help restore the body’s digestive pH and promote healthy living.

Multilevel Filter:

1. Fine gauze filter

Function: It can remove large particles of solid impurities such as sediments, rust, suspended solids and colloids in water.

2. Coconut shell activated carbon

Function: adsorption and water purification, odor removal effectiveness, residual chlorine, heavy metals, organic matter, etc. in the water, thus improving the taste of water, making the water more sweet and delicious.

3. Ion exchange resin

l Function: Through ion exchange, it can effectively remove fluorine, sulfur, lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic, iron, manganese, and other heavy metals in water, balance of minerals beneficial to the human body, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron soothing Water, boil without dirt.

4. Minerals group calcium and magnesium ion (metal balls)

1. Increase the value of PH and -ORP (weak alkaline water), which can balance human body fluid and improve acid body.

2. Water is rich in ionic minerals, which can neutralize acidosis in the body and improve human immunity.

3. Water is rich in trace elements, the water activity can be maintained, so that the body’s metabolism process is more efficient.

4, water is small particles (48.6HZ), more easily absorbed by the body.

5, which is negative potential, and contains a large number of negative ions, removing the excess free radicals in the body.

6, Effectively remove residual chlorine in the water, reduce the chloride damage to the body.

5.0.1 micron non-woven:

L Function: Further removal of small particles of solid impurities such as sediments, rust, microorganisms, suspended solids and colloids in water.


the color white
Weight 224g
Size 290x275x150mm
The applicable water source Municipal tap water, pure water
Applicable temperature 5-38 ℃
Water filter jug ​​capacity 3.5L
Filtering life 400L (for about 2 month’s duration)
PH value 7.2-9.0
ORP value -200mv


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